RemyPatra Hair


Who we are

We are a hair specialization and hair extensions manufacturer team. We provide our clients with the best-in-class raw hair and hair extensions with a high focus on ethical sources and pure quality. We believe in turning dreams into reality, and our dream is to turn the expectations of our clients into a reality. So that they expect more from us, and we provide them without any settlement. From Hand-Tied Hair to Double Drawn or Blonde Hair, we have about 92 different shades that will look real and stylish on you. Our hair experts in Italian and European Bleaching Science make sure to provide high-quality aesthetic hair extensions to our clients.

Serving our loyal customers over these past years, we have acquired experience in hair bleaching, Hair Extensions, and hair manufacturing. We pride ourselves on the production of diverse textures, beautiful colors, and high-quality hand-tied extensions. Our hair products will be sold to you when they absolutely pass our test of meticulous and rigorous quality checks. We are the only Indian Hair Vendor in the region producing excellent double-drawn hair that can be customized according to the client's requirements.

Why You Should Select Us

No to over-priced hair

Price never defines quality. We provide rich, high-quality, and natural hair at budget-friendly rates. Client satisfaction is paramount for us. Therefore, we believe in high quality and not high pricing. We are one of the top hair extensions manufacturers in India for a reason.

No to adulterated/non-Remy hair

We strongly oppose the malpractice of using acid-processed chemical hair and provide 100% natural Remy hair to our clients. It is the responsibility of a hair extensions manufacturer to provide 100% raw hair to customers.

No harsh bleaching

With decades of experience, we understand the consequences of harsh bleaching and the damage it can cause. Our skilled experts ensure that they follow the standard manufacturing practice so that you don't have to face any problems. May it be hand wefts, hair extensions, or hand-tied hair extensions, we make sure that harsh bleaching isn't practiced.

No to false patents

We believe that transparency is imperative in any business. We strongly say no to false patents, and never lie to our customers about any fake patents such as Bleaching or Colour Science. The Cosmetics industry has time-limited patent laws, and we talk about only what we have achieved


We say no to the practice of selling hair that has a thin end. We provide products that are High-Quality, thick and perfect for the needs of our global clients.

Yes to diversity

Just like our country, we promote diversity. We welcome customers from different countries, races, and colors. As an Indian hair vendor, we strongly follow our values. Therefore, we are among the most diverse raw hair vendors across the globe.

Trust and no settlements

We believe in providing the right hair products without any false treatments or products to acquire money from our clients. Many companies give single-draw-line hair in the name of double-draw-line hair by ending a little bit of hair. We strongly avoid such things.


Raw Indian Human Hair, which is 100% Virgin Hair is sourced from Indian Temples. It is a tradition for Indian women to offer long hair as prayers. The Authorities of Indian temples collect the Offered Hair (Remy Hair) and Auction them every month to Indian hair suppliers and exporters.